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News Articles from Waterpark RFC

Kavanagh/Ellickson 21's Rugby Tournament 2012
(1 Day 15 A Side Blitz) September 22nd
The annual Ellickson Tournament will be held at Ballinakill, Waterford on Saturday 22nd September.


Under 21  teams from Cork Con, Garryowen, Dolphin, Blackrock, Highfield, Terenure, U.C.C. Waterpark will be competing this year together with U.L. Bohemians who will be defending their title as last years winners.


With such strong representation from Leinster and Munster clubs we can look forward to a cracker of a tournament and an opportunity to see emerging talented players in action at Ballinakill.  Pool matches will commence at 11.30 a.m. and the finals will be played off in the mid afternoon.


The Ellickson family has again generously sponsored the Player of the Tournament trophy in memory of the late David Ellickson and the John Kavanagh Memorial team trophy has been sponsored by the Kavanagh family.

Played in accordance with IRFU Munster Branch rules the competition will be will be for teams of 15 selected from a nominated squad of 22 players. Full Tournament Rules are shown below and will be circulated to participating teams. A fee of €100 per team will be payable to Waterpark RFC to cover catering and other costs. If your club would like to participate next year please contact one of the following;

Tournament Secretary

Tournament Director
Pat Murphy
086 8504395

Kavanagh/Ellickson Tournament Rules 2011

1. The Tournament shall be played in accordance with IRFU, Munster Branch Rules.
2. The Tournament shall be played on a League basis with Pool games as appropriate.
3. A panel of 22 players may be used � substitutions can be made at any time. Full player details
are to be submitted on the squad form as provided, to the tournament director, prior to the
start of the tournament. The same squad numbers are to be used by each player throughout the
tournament as this squad form is used as the match team sheet and to identify players for
nomination as Player of the Tournament. Valid I.R.F.U. Registration Numbers must be shown.
4. The duration of each Pool game will be 10 Minutes each way with an interval of 1 minute.
5. The duration of the Final and any semi Finals will be15 minutes each way with an interval of 3 minutes.
6. In the event of a draw at full time in the Final and any semi Finals, sudden death will apply (penalties included).
7. A.I.L. scoring system applies. : Win - 4pts. Draw - 2pts. Bonus Point for 4 tries scored or beaten by 7 points or less.
8. It is a team's responsibility to be on the pitch and ready to play at the nominated time. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in sanctions being imposed by the Tournament Committee.
9. In the event of a team withdrawing during the competition without completing their required number of games in the section, the outcome of the points gained by the winning team/s in the completed games shall be decided by the Tournament Committee.
10. Perpetual Trophies are to be held on the premises of the winning Club and that Club will be responsible for the safe return of the Perpetual Trophy before the end of the current season,31st May, and that Club will indemnify Waterpark RFC for any loss or damage to the Trophy while in their care.
11. Clubs should express their interest in participating in the Tournament no later that one week before the date on which the Tournament is to be held and the entry fee of € 100 to defray costs is payable on application.
12. Any issue or dispute that arises from the interpretation of the Rules of the Tournament will be decided on the day by the Tournament Committee and their decision will be final.
13. The Tournament Committee will consist of the Tournament Director, the Tournament Secretary and the Waterpark Director of Rugby or his nominee.
14. Participation in the Tournament implies that team's acceptance of these Rules